Today, the Day of your Death


Three years ago today, you passed on.  I think of you today and remember the good.

I remember your smile, the way you said “William (wee-yam).”

I remember your mischievous nature, your sharp mind.

I remember that you always made stories more exciting with your animation.

I remember your laughter.

I remember the time that we raced together in the driveway and you beat all of us kids; after all, you said, you placed 3rd in state finals when you were high school.

I remember when I was 3, you said if I cleaned my room, you’d give me a prize.  I did and my prize was a hug.

I remember the time in the grocery store when we kept dropping the broccoli on the floor thinking that we kept missing the bag, but it was because there was not a bottom to the bag.  We both laughed so hard, and you wet your pants.

I remember how you loved watching the Olympics.

I remember how you always wanted to be a contestant on Wheel-of-Fortune and how you were so good at it.

I remember how you loved to hear men sing.

I remember how you always wanted to travel more.

I remember how, on our way to Alabama, we kids dared you to hit 100 MPH in our Ford Aerostar minivan, chanting, “Put the pedal to the metal and the metal to the pedal.”  You actually did it and promptly got a speeding ticket.

I remember your favorite semi-dirty jokes you liked to tell.

I remember how much you loved to write letters–I still have all of them.

I love you and miss you, but I know you are much happier now.


  1. Anna~This is a beautiful tribute to your mom…thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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