If Only All Should Be So Blessed, to Live This Life of Mine

To See This Smile

For one single instant in your life, do you have the chance to see this extraordinary occurrence. Perchance you will notice out of the attentiveness of your eye and the intuitiveness of your heart. It is a smile of love, joy and pain that can never be recaptured. In that fragile part of a second, all of the world’s motives are laid plain—its magnificence, its maladies—held within the eyes of your lover. This moment, how swift! Can not be regained but will never be lost. It is the epitome of the ineffable depths of all that is to be desired, this smile. This flash of understanding in the eyes. It leaves you mournful that this smile will never again be seen and happy that it was bestowed upon you and held for all eternity.

To Wipe the Tears of a Child
Tears not of injury or selfish motives, but of fearful love for another.
Innocent love, understanding no wrong, only wishing the best for everyone.
Snuggling his head in your chest, as he tries to stifle his sobs.
You hold him, wipe his tears, and speak softly to assure him of the goodness that still exists.

To Hold the Hands of the Elderly
Yellowed, withered hands reaching out to someone, anyone who will hold them.
They are hands that were once rough and calloused from endless labor. They were hands that once found their places in sand boxes and mud holes. These hands now reaching out for yours—don’t be afraid. They are beautiful hands filled with the wisdom of life that only comes through living. Take them.

To Uphold the Lame
He was a beautiful child with ready laughter and a beautiful smile. His legs too weak and thin to hold up his brittle frame. He tottered on the metal braces which helped him stand and reached with his thin arms for strong arms to help him step. Each step a partnership, a joy, a pang of sadness. His smile so innocent, so happy. There should be no pity. Uphold him.


  1. Thanks, Anna, for opening the window of your beautiful soul. I am most blessed to know you.

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