The Out West Trip

So, to begin this thing, we’re back from our two week trip out west. We went through about 7 states that were new to me, and found that all of them were pretty darn cool.

Some of the trip highlights would include:

1. Being chased by a very large, very brown Grizzly bear.
We were hiking to find some hot springs we had heard about and after crossing a very freezing river, we came upon said bear. We froze and he started coming toward us. So, we slowly started walking away and he decided that looked like a fun game, so he kept following. Finally, as we picked up our pace, we went around a bend and he couldn’t see us anymore, so we booked it back across the river at lightening pace.

2. Driving through a very large tornado reading Longfellow/Tennyson out loud.
I was driving through this amazing storm while Ethan was reading heroic poetry next to me. However, the rain/hail and wind became so loud, it was no longer read but shouted. It was awesome and random!

3. Seeing the gigantic sulfur springs and wondering what it looked like under the boiling waters.

4. Seeing two wonderful people get married after a Jane Austin sort of relationship.

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