It’s Fun to be a Loser…of course, winning is nice too.

Let’s just say, I’m not a winner.  Never really have been.  In fact, I’m more of what you might call a professional loser–defeat with a smile 🙂

So tonight, for the first time in my history of Settler’s of Catan, I won a game against Ethan.  Yes, Mr. Jedi Master himself in the cardboard world of Catan, was taken down at exactly 9:58 PM on October 4th, 2007.  I write this not to brag–well who am I kidding?–but to simply have it written down that in my lifetime, I beat him at least once.  So why am I so ecstatic?  Let me briefly account to you my past memorable defeats and wins in the gaming world (including some physical activites).

We’ll start with my wins since they are far fewer.

1. Arm wrestling– I won the tri-college women’s arm-wrestling tournament.  I have only lost once in my life to a girl (who was a concert pianist and cheated) and have beat several guys (I just know how to pick the guys, that’s the key).

2. Scrabble–I know how much those Q’s and V’s are worth and devoted those portions of the dictionary to memory.  Okay, that’s a total lie.  It sounded funny though.

3. Checkers with Ethan (only once)–It was late, we were tired, and I used the mind-control technique.  I don’t think I can get him to fall for it again.

Memorable Losses…Where to begin?  I’ll just stick with three.  That way its looks like I’ve lost as much as I’ve won 😉

1. Mini golf or real golf–Anytime a golf ball is involved, there will be much mayhem.  Those darned windmills and waterfalls.  Of course, there was that one glorious fluke victory in Florida.

2.  Bowling–Have you ever rolled your ball into the lane next to you and gotten them a strike?  Be very impressed.

3.  Uno–I don’t usually win unless I cheat.  Cheating does make it more fun, but if you’re the only one cheating and you still come in last place, cheating tends to lose its luster.

What’s my point in typing all of this useless gibberish?  Just to inform you that


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