Every year, I partake in a particularly evil tradition that most women enjoy and men secretly do too.  I speak of clothes shopping.  I relegate this dirty deed to only once a year, because at the end of 2 hours, I’m ready to join a nudist colony…Okay, not quite, but you get my point.

So what makes clothes shopping so evil in my book?

  1. Everything is all the same or gothic.
  2. It’s unattractive. Just when I think that fashions could not be any less attractive, I stumble upon some that are so hideous, they make the even the 80’s big socks, pink tights, baggy shirts and huge crimped hair look appealing.
  3. It’s not the Goodwill prices I normally like to pay—Hello, my name is Anna and I’m a total cheapo (Hi, Anna). I used to find really great outfits back in the days of my Hotlanta Goodwill, but here in Amish country, denim jumpers embroidered with colorful cows are not my style.
  4.  It takes a whole lot of time to weed through the stuff that all looks the same anyway.
  5. There is no in-between.  There are the mid-life stores, and the teeny-bopper stores.  I’m neither one and both.  I like low-rise pants but not too tight.  I like simple, classy blouses.  Not risqué, not fringed.  Just plain.
  6.  The stores play annoying music.
  7.  IF, I happen to find something I like, the chances are, it will not fit.  The arms and legs are too short, the waist to big, and the shoulders to tight.  Yes, I think I’m more closely related to the primate than most.

The solution?
Like every entrepreneur I’ve ever heard of, they see a market that’s not meeting a certain need and fill it.  So, I will name my brand, Tall and Skinny: unabashedly politically incorrect.

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